Wilsonart 3135OV Flexible Veneer PVA Adhesive

Meets or exceeds the requirements as set out in the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) TM-6 for a Type I and Type II wood flush door adhesives

High performance, Type II (ASTM D4317 classification) Water Resistant PVA

Superior bonding strength formulated for all types of flexible wood veneers

Exclusively designed to work with various substrates including MDF, particleboard, veneer-core, and fire-rated core

Easy to sand, off-white, rigid glue line minimizes glue line visibility when cured

Hot or cold press application

Non-toxic and easy clean-up

Does NOT require stirring before use

Available size(s): 1 gallon, 45 lb. pail, 500 lb. drum, and 2,500 lb. tote

SKU: WA-3135OV
Manufacturer: Wilsonart